What We Do

Our expertise is in trade missions, in-store promotions, in-market meeting agendas, workshops, seminars, buyers’ missions and B2B meetings at trade fairs.

Our clients benefit from our expertise, advice and meticulous support on every project including:

  • Our selection process to ensure each client is matched with the right business partner
  • Our in-depth market knowledge and understanding of different cultures.
  • A high level of communication - providing regular reports and updates
  • Full logistical support including travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Production of marketing materials and social media content in the languages required
  • Presence of project managers when required to provide support and translation services
  • Detailed follow up reports with contact details of the target market

To further discuss any project or event you have in mind please contact Gerald Lawson-Tancred on +44 1845 597 998 or you can complete the form on our contact page.

What Our Clients Say

'Xtend2 provided a strong team who worked efficiently, reporting through weekly conference calls and responding to our requirements rapidly and on time. Xtend2 also provided an effective post-mission follow up to the meetings.'

'The team exceeded the expectations of the deliverables.’

'Our collaboration has always been satisfactory and we can unreservedly recommend their services.’

'Gerald and the team at Xtend2 carried out all work with the utmost competence and skill, an evident sign of their expertise in the agri-food and packaging sectors and we hope to continue working with them on similar projects in the future.’

'We wanted to thank you for the excellent work you undertook during the International Food & Drink Event 2017. You greatly succeeded in the preparation of the seminar on the UK food and drink market as well as the production of in-market briefings and the organisation of meetings with UK.’

'Xtend2 was professional, cost effective and provided a high quality team to manage the project. We fully recommend Xtend2 Limited to other groups and associations wanting to work with them.’

'Esta afortunada decisión fue benéfica para nuestros clientes quienes están satisfechos con los resultados. El profesionalismo y la dedicación de Xtend2 nos permitieron obtener reuniones de negocios de calidad con compradores importantes.'

'Selecting Xtend2 was a positive decision which was beneficial for our clients and they were satisfied with the results. The professionalism and dedication of Xtend2 enabled us to get high-quality business appointments with important buyers.'

'Notre collaboration avec Xtend2 a été très professionnelle et directe. Cette enteprise a fait preuve de réactivité et a été aussi force de proposition pour mettre en valeur les produits et les producteurs de notre territoire.'

'Our collaboration with Xtend2 has been very open and professional. This company has been responsive (to our needs) and has also provided solid advice and expertise on the best ways of showcasing the products and proponents of our territory (to the UK market).'

'El desarrollo del trabajo se realizo satisfactoriamente y con mucha profesionalidad. Asimismo, Xtend2 estuvo en constante comunicación con nosotros para informarnos, no solo del avance del proyecto, sino también para dejarnos los comentarios que iban dando los potenciales clientes. Gracias a su trabajo, nosotros fuimos mejor preparados a la feria.'

'The development of the work was done satisfactorily and with great professionalism. Xtend2 was in constant communication with us to inform us, not only of the progress of the project, but also to provide feedback from potential clients. Thanks to this work, we were well prepared for the fair.'

'Cabe recalcar que Xtend2 cuenta con excelentes profesionales, del alta moral y ética, que cumplieron sus objetivos de forma eficiente y responsable. '

'It should be noted that Xtend2 has an excellent, professional team with strong morals and ethics, who fulfilled their objectives efficiently and responsibly.'

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What We Do

What Our Clients Say

Our expertise is in trade missions, in-store promotions, in-market meeting agendas, workshops, seminars, buyers’ missions and B2B meetings at trade fairs. Our clients benefit from our expertise, advice and meticulous support on every project...

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