Foro Agroalimentación Asturias

Foro Agroalimentación Asturias

Foro Agroalimentación is a regional food exhibition in Asturias, Spain; showcasing the best of regional, artisan food to international buyers. Products include cheeses, dairy, meat and more.

Xtend2 has been contracted by ASTUREX (the regional government export agency for Asturias) to invite UK and ROI buyers to the Exhibition for meetings with the artisan companies.

Xtend2 will organise travel to Aviles in Asturias and accommodation for visiting buyers as well as helping to arrange meetings. For further information about this exhibition and the regional products contact Gerald Lawson-Tancred

ASTUREX Asturias is sandwiched between the Bay of Biscay and the Cantabrian Mountains. Asturians are farmers, shepherds and fishermen and the region produces high quality fish and seafood, cheeses from goats, sheep and native breeds of cattle, meats and cider.

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